Mountain climbing

Mountain climbing


For all mountaineering lovers, the climb up the mount of St. Elias (961m) is a fantastic and unmissable adventure.

St. Elias (Sv. Ilija) is the highest peak of the peninsula of Pelješac. Due to the height and remote geographical location of the peninsula of Pelješac, you can enjoy one of the most beautiful Croatian mountain panoramic view points from the top.

The hill on which the summit is located is also known both as Zmijino brdo (Mons vipera or Snake Hill) and Perunovo brdo (Perun Hill). The latter name originates from the pre-Christian era when the peak was an ancient site of worship of the Slavic deity Perun, god of thunder. Its current name (St. Elias) is given after the chapel of St. Elias located on it.

The peak is marked by a stone pile, a small wooden cross and a marble slab with an inscription.

Coordinates: N 42 ° 59 '46.7' 'E 17 ° 9' 34.2 ''

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