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Peljesac is situated in the Dubrovnik - Neretva County, about 2 hours drive from Dubrovnik. It's around 70 km long.
Even though Pelješac has rich ancient history and rich maritime tradition, today first thing that comes to mind when you hear Pelješac is wine.

In the 16th century, it was the getaway for rich sea captains from nearby Dubrovnik who built their palatial stone mansionst.

  Orebic is a place on the south-western part of the peninsula. Proud of their rich maritime tradition.
  Orebic central settlement developed in the 15th century and was named after the family who restored the castle inside the fortified settlement in 1586.
  In the 17th century ships from Peljesac were an important part of Dubrovnik merchant fleet. Shipowning families become richer and invest in joint ships.
  In 1865.g. the Peljesac Maritime Society (Associazione di Marittima Sabioncello) was established. Company culminating in 1873 when it had 90 sailing vessels with total tonnage of 45000t with 2000 sailors, of which 250 captains who sailed through all the world's seas.
  Orebić is today a modern tourist center. One of the most important industries in the region, along with tourism, are olives and wine. In the area of Orebic are two important wine-growing area known for its excellent wines - Dingač and Postup.

Korcula has been dubbed Little Dubrovnik as its Medieval city walls and terracotta-roofed buildings are a carbon copy of the so-called ‘Pearl of the Adriatic’.

Korcula - town on the same name island is just the place you must visit if you are near. From the rich history that dates back to the Neolithic period we will only mention Marco Polo, the famous world traveler, and that should be enough to tickles your imagination and awakens the desire to explore this beautiful island.

Viganj is a center of sporting activity in Peljesac. If you have an interest in windsurfing then Viganj is a place for you.

Viganj covers a large bay, from the Cape of St. Liberan in the South all the way to Cape of St. John in the West. Cape of St. Liberal (or beach Ponta) today is a major point for all surfers who visit Viganj. In 18th century the church of St. Liberan was built on this cape and today presents one of the "trademarks" of Viganj.

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